Meditation as a Lifestyle Free Guided Meditation Past Life Regression

There’s so much spooky new agey stuff that comes along with sitting to meditate. I figured, maybe I can comment on the rare occurrence that you may feel a little too in tune with your practice. I’m really here to denounce the idea of overemphasizing that surrounds meditation life after death. The most obvious thing is surely a barrier to you moving forward with your own practice.

But wait there’s more.¬†Free Guided Meditation Past Life Regression

It’s not just the spooky or the esoteric that get this type of treatment when we begin talking about meditation. Joining a community or not, and finding the perfect fit. I strongly believe that in starting off, you should highly consider giving your practice a go solo. I know it is a little confusing and awkward at times, but understanding meditation starts with practicing meditation (speaking of which I haven’t sat today, what a hypocrite!). The most difficult thing in meditation is consistency. Yes your thoughts are going to wander, yes you are going to be a little uncomfortable this can help with that, but don’t you forget to sit daily. I promise it all falls into place as you relax into a practice. For me it all clicked randomly after about 35 (who’s counting) days doing it. I’ve learned that consistency is the secret ingredient in most instances. Please use liberally.