Meditation as a Lifestyle: Guided Meditation About Life

Meditation can help with anxiety and enhance the good feelings of a life lived mindfully. I’ve always used meditation music while sitting. My preferred is a program called Hearts of Space. They have an app that comes in handy, check it out if you want. I don’t particularly believe in meditation techniques as much as I believe in sitting for as long as possible as often as possible. Meditation for beginners isn’t really as much of a thing as it is a matter of consistent practice leading to confidence in the benefits. I have learned that having a meditation room can encourage a daily practice. Also a meditation alar can be a huge help. Imagine seeing these items and using them as cues for a practice. I’ve used meditation affirmations, the traditional ohm, I definitely even learned to connect meditation and Christianity. I can say that the mental clarity that I gained had to have come as a byproduct because of my positive outlook. With experience and daily practice, I began finding meditation to be an absolute must for me when I experienced anxiety or low energy. It’s so hard to describe meditation outside of the frame of visceral sensations. I can say the uncovering of the sensations alone was a blessing. Meditation fights depression, learning from meditation and yoga the art of breathing. Ridding yourself of the ego, and finding a new starting place. Experiencing mediation and mindfulness without trying. The ability to do without trying is quite a powerful revelation. There comes a point in practice where large chunks of time fly by with no meditation how to book to accompany an explanation. Furthermore, there are a ton of meditation articles that say you need to purchase meditation beads, meditation accessories, or use a particular meditation app. I’m here to let you know that you don’t. I personally started with nothing more than a quiet room and meditation music. Early on, there is definitely a certain dialogue that takes place. It’s my humble opinion that the best guided meditation is one that is self-directed. You’ll notice eventually the residual effects of meditation and mindfulness. There are even moments where meditation at work happens spontaneously. I’ve noticed the ability to find pockets of relaxing mindfulness in my waking hours. This, in my opinion, is the true meditation headspace we are looking for.  You’ll notice that once you sit for long periods your legs may go numb. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, but it helps when you can meditate in comfort. As far as controlling your mind, I believe focusing on your breath is sound advice for the most part. I don’t think there is much “instructing” to do there other than you trying it for yourself and sticking to it long enough until you get it. I imagine it’s like trying to articulate the concept of balance to a child learning to ride a bicycle. At some point, you need to just ride without training wheels to really understand the phenomenon. To find mindfulness we practice mindfulness. To find the ability to meditate we practice meditation. Notice I said practice, not perfect. Hopefully I can help guide you along the way, I have a plan to do so actually.

Guided meditation about life is best found on Daily Om. There are plenty of products that you may be encouraged to purchase, but the honest truth is meditation beads, apps, and crystals can help you as cues but no preparation is necessary to sit and begin your practice. I do personally use the Alexia Meditation Seat, but I don’t need it, I prefer it for comfort.